Why does metabolic health matter?

What are the benefits of good metabolic health?

  • With good metabolic health the body can use energy and stay well.
  • You can feel energised and alert.
  • You are more likely to be healthy.

It feels good

When the body is metabolically healthy it is good at getting energy from food. It can also easily put any excess food into fat stores, and then release the stored fat when energy is needed. The body can do all this whilst staying in a healthy balance.

In simple terms, good metabolic health means the engine for life is working well. It runs well and is less likely to break down. The body's fuel tanks have space to take in excess fuel and release it again when needed. The engine can work harder when needed and stay in good repair.

With good metabolic health we are more likely to feel energised and are less likely become unwell.

Good metabolic health can make us feel:

  • energised
  • awake
  • alert
  • clear thinking
  • hopeful

Good metabolic health can help our health:

  • fight infections
  • repair damaged or worn out body parts
  • allow body parts to look after each other
  • make it easier for the body to stay in balance (homeostasis)


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