Need a plan?

Metabolic Health 28 Day Programme

The Metabolic Health 28 Day Programme, including the 28 Day Rapid Results Plan, is a free resource that builds on this Metabolic Health Guide. It helps you turn ideas into actions to get results.

Now that you've completed this Metabolic Health Guide it is important to put ideas into action.

To support you in getting results, you can access the free Metabolic Health 28 Day Programme. The programme includes the 28 Day Rapid Results Plan, a list of 10 actions to do everyone day for 28 days. The programme and plan is accessed on the Health to Life platform, developed by Dr Campbell Murdoch.

The development of the Health to Life platform was supported by the NHS. Because of this, the Metabolic Health 28 Day Programme is available free.

I hope you get the results that matter to you and enjoy your healthier future.

Dr Campbell Murdoch


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