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Introduction to mindset

What is it?

Mindset means your way of thinking, your beliefs, and how you respond to information and events.

A feeling of chronic stress can drive worsening in metabolic health. The stressors we experience and how we respond will influence the degree of chronic stress we experience.

Conversely, a mindset that provides a sense of control and certainty over our life can lower the risk of experiencing chronic stress.

Mindset aspects that affect chronic stress are:

  • Our sense of self-worth and purpose.
  • How connected and supported we feel with others.
  • The perceived control, influence, and certainty we have over our life.

Each of these three areas can be influenced by a range of factors. The common theme to all the factors is how they influence our feeling of safety. If we feel like an outsider, with low self-worth, and no control or certainty in our life, our brain will perceive greater threat and heighten the stress response. Whereas if we feel part of a group, have a sense of self-worth, and have some control or certainty over our life, the threat and stress response is reduced.

Mindset factors can be divided into those that worsen chronic stress and metabolic health, and those that improve it.

Mindset factors that can worsen metabolic health

Being an outsider

Spending the majority of your time with others that do not share your goals, purpose, and values. Always working against the people around you.

Social isolation

Rarely interacting with other people.

Disempowering focus

Only noticing and focusing on negative, worrying, or stressful events that you have no control over. They cannot be changed or influenced by you.

Judgement of self

Thinking about yourself and your identity as good or bad. Judging yourself rather than your actions.

Mindset factors that can improve metabolic health


Spending time with people that share a common purpose and a sense of team and community.


Taking actions that have a positive affect on your life, surroundings, or other people.


Paying attention to actions and activities that create a feeling of accomplishment.

Helpful coping strategies

Having methods to manage short-term stress that could also have a positive impact on your future.


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